vmcpp film

General Product Information:

VMCPP Film (vacuum-matellized Cast polypropylene film) VMCPP film is used for food and medicine flexible packaging, as well as dry-compounded with BOPET?BOPP?BOPA etc.Color :SilverThickness :20-40UM ,75-150UMWidth :325-1100MMLength :3000M,4000M,6000MInner core :3”(76MM),6”(76MM).Applications: food and medicine flexible packaging. Tech data for customer’s reference :Spec. Test method Unit Typical valueThickness ASTM D 2673 ?m 25Density ASTM D 792 g/cm3 0.9Thickness of the AL.coating SJ Method ?/? 1.6Tensile strength MD ASTM D 882 MPa 49.2TD 35Elongation strength MD ASTM D 882 MPa 578TD 718Friction coefficient u/u ASTM D 1984 —— 0.7Surface tension GB/T14216-93 Dyne/cm 38Sealing temperature u/u SJ Method ? 128Condition : 2.0kgf/cm2?1.0sec?8.0N/15mmAdhesion of the AL. SJ Method % 96Vapour permeation rate ASTM F 1249 Condition : 38?-90%RHOxygen permeation rate ASTM D 3985 cc/m2/24h 20Condition : 23g/m2/24h 1.2


Industry:packaing, bags, printing packaing, food, tissue
Delivery Time:two weeks
Type:Selling Offer

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